We assist with all aspects of brand protection from clearing marks for use and registration, to taking steps on your behalf to prevent unauthorised third party use. We are qualified to represent our clients before the UK IPO, in Europe and internationally by means of an International Registration (Madrid Protocol), or through our international network of associate attorneys.

We specialise in brand protection. Post-Brexit, Insignia continues to offer its clients complete continuity of service in all areas of its practice, including EU trade marks and designs.

We realise our clients have many demands on their time and that legal issues are often urgent so we tailor our advice to the real issues and provide our clients with practical, concise, jargon-free advice and assistance.

  • In the UK – we are  UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys & Trade Mark & Design Litigators and are qualified to assist our clients with trade mark, design, and related IP matters before the UKIPO and the UK courts.
  • In the EU & EEA – we are able to seamlessly assist our clients with trade mark and design matters before the EUIPO, as well as in other EU/EEA jurisdictions through our associated legal practice in Ireland.
  • Internationally – we can assist our clients by means of international trade mark registration systems such as the Madrid Protocol. We are also able to draw upon an international network of independent attorneys to assist our clients with trade mark protection in most overseas jurisdictions.

How we can help

We have particular experience assisting our client’s with the following matters:-

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