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These days acquiring the right domain name is often a precondition to setting up your business and, in any event, an integral part of choosing the right brand.


Although many domain names include words which are capable of functioning as a trade mark, the mere possession of a domain name does not confer any trade mark rights upon you.

Therefore, before you start using a domain name or building your brand around one, it is vital to make sure it does not include the trade mark of a third party. If the domain name is free for your use, you should apply for a registered trade mark to ensure your continued freedom to use.

If your rights as a trade mark owner are being infringed by a third party's domain name that use may be preventable as an infringement of your trade mark rights. Alternatively, in the case of an abusive domain name registration, you may seek to acquire or cancel that domain name by initiating dispute resolution proceedings before the relevant Registrar.

As UK Registered Trade Mark Attorneys, Insignia can assist in clearing domain names for your use and guide you through the process of obtaining registered trade mark protection. We are also able to act for you in connection with domain name dispute proceedings.

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