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Registering your company name with Companies House is not the same as applying for a registered trade mark and confers no trade mark rights upon you.


If your company name includes a third party's trade mark you may be prevented from using the name by court proceedings or by proceedings taken against you in the Company Names Tribunal.

Therefore, before you start using a company name or building your brand around that name, it is vital to make sure it does not include the trade mark of a third party. If the name is free for your use, you should apply for a registered trade mark to ensure your continued freedom to use.

If your rights as a trade mark owner are being infringed by a third party's business or company name, that use may be preventable as an infringement of your trade mark rights. Alternatively, where there are grounds for believing a company name has been registered in order to extract money from you or to prevent your business from registering the name, proceedings may be initiated before the Company Names Tribunal.

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